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I will not be posting photos/pictures for a while as I am collecting them to post one shot.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said: Would you be able to explain peerages to me and why the Queens children denied them? If they accepted would they be given a title and what would it really mean it change or give them the ability to do? Thank you x


None of HM’s children denied them. 

Peerages though go through the male line so Anne could not have a title unless her husband and her children could not receive a title - as children have the titles according to their father - unless Anne’s husband had a title. 

Anne’s husband was offered a title when he married Anne but he refused so Anne’s children have no title or Peerage - Duke/Earl/Baron ect - and neither does not Anne. 

Charles, Andrew and Edward as men were automatically able to have any Peerage given by HM and all have a Peerage. 

If you have any more questions on this I would be happy to answer them

Anonymous said: who is harry's household, like jamie ?


Personal Private Secretary is  Edward Lane Fox

Sir David Manning also acts as an Advisor to Harry as well the Cambridge’s 

Ed Perkins is also a Press Secretary to Harry as well as William and Kate 

and finally Official Spokesperson for Harry as well as the Cambridge’s is Paddy Harverson who is also Communications Secretary at Clarence House

Anonymous said: I would love to know your favourite (alive) Royal person of: UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Monaco, Luxembourg.


One of each?

UK - HM of course 

Denmark - The Crown Princely Couple 

Sweden - CP Victoria 

Norway - Haakon

Netherlands - Queen Maxima 

Belgium - Former Queen Paola or current Queen Mathilde 

Spain - Felipe 

Monaco - Caroline 

Luxembourg - Guillaume 

Anonymous said: Do Harry and Lane Fox share clothing? I thought Lane Fox wore Harry's famous green shirt during the tour of Brazil. Or, maybe he liked it so much he bought one, too :^P -- great guys, btw!


Perhaps they do

carolinasunshine64 said: You don't like William and Kate very much, do you? From what I've read on your blog, I really enjoy your blog-I liked that you posted the different royals speaking different languages- you don't think they work enough. Have you always felt this way?


I have for about a decade now, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt now and again and give them another try but they always disappoint. 

So very true!!!

Anonymous said: Do you think that if Harry never finds the right woman he will just never get married? I personally don't see it ever happening and it wouldn't shock me if he never did just so he could stick it to the press hahahaha


Harry wears his heart on his sleeve, he puts his heart in to everything. He also have never done anything for PR, been pushed in to anything or done anything to please others. 

So that makes me think he will not marry anyone to please the press or the RF and the person he marries will be the one in his mind.



Personal Collection of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Mary Fringe Tiara

The Queen lent it to her daughter, Princess Elizabeth as “something borrowed” for her wedding in 1947

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother later also lent it to her granddaughter, Princess Anne, for her marriage to Captain Mark Phillips in 1973.


Personal Collection of Queen Elizabeth II

The Burmese Ruby Tiara

Ordered by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973 The rubies were a wedding present by the Burmese people, after whom the tiara was named. The number of rubies represent the number of diseases that the people of Burma believe can affect the human body. They credit the rubies with having the ability to protect their owner from sickness and evil. The diamonds were also a wedding present by the Nizam of Hyderabad and Berar who at the time also possessed a vast jewellery collection. The diamonds were taken from the Nizam of Hyderabad Tiara seen at the bottom. 


Personal Collection of Queen Elizabeth II

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara was a gift from the girls of Great Britain and Ireland to Queen Mary in 1893. Mary gave the tiara to her granddaughter, the future Elizabeth II, as a wedding present

Elizabeth II has usually worn the tiara without the base or pearls, but in recent years the base has been seen to have been reattached

Over the years this tiara has become one of the most familiar of Queen Elizabeth II’s tiaras through its appearance on British banknotes and coinage and is seen as a favourite by HM and also the public. 


Personal Collection of Queen Elizabeth II

The Russian Kokoshnik Tiara

The Russian Kokoshnik Tiara was presented to Princess Alexandra, Princess of Wales, in 1888 by Lady Salisbury on behalf of 365 peeresses of the United Kingdom. Alexandra had requested that the tiara be in the fashionable design of a Russian girl’s headdress, a kokoshnik. She knew the design well from a similar tiara belonging to her sister Marie Feodorovna, the Empress of Russia.

Anonymous said: More W&K costs: £17,000/day every day she runs home to Berkshire (Bichester Village is near there); estimated £500,000 in security for honeymoon; estimated £120,000 in security for the Maldives trip; £100,000 in Duchy money for her clothes/grooming in a single year; £5.6 million for the special new helicopter for EAAA (HM? Charles? Who really funded this?); £8 million lease for new "royal engagements" chopper - to ferry Will to "work" at EAAA? We'll see if it is used for that...


Indeed, I only used the ones on top of my head. 



Personal Collection of Queen Elizabeth II

1936 Cartier Halo Tiara

This tiara was purchased by the Duke of York (later King George VI) for his wife (later Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother) three weeks before they became King and Queen

The tiara was then presented the future Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her 18th birthday. However HM never wore it as she does not like the tiara. 

The tiara was borrowed by Princess Margaret before she was given the Persian Turquoise Tiara for her 21st birthday in 1951. However Princess Margaret wore the Halo Scroll Tiara to the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II later lent the tiara to her daughter Princess Anne before giving her the Greek Meander Tiara in 1972

The Halo Scroll tiara was lent to Catherine Middleton to wear at her wedding to Prince William on 29 April 2011