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Prince William & Kate Middleton Issue Legal Threat To Photographer Niraj Tanna

Last week, something unusual happened. Prince William and Duchess Kate’s office made a major fuss over “an individual” who they claimed was “harassing” Prince George. What kind of harassment? They were complaining about a photographer talking photos of George when George was out and about with one of his nannies. This is the statement released by the Buckingham Palace spokesperson:

“The Duke and Duchess have taken legal steps to ask that an individual ceases harassing and following both Prince George and his nanny as they go about their ordinary daily lives,” Buckingham Palace spokesman James Roscoe said in a statement Thursday. “There is reason to suspect that the individual may been placing Prince George under surveillance and monitoring his daily routines for a period of time.”

The photographer, who was seen last week at a London Park following the toddler and his nanny, has been approached several times in the past few years by palace authorities.

“The Duke and Duchess understand the particular public role that Prince George will one day inherit but while he is young, he must be permitted to lead as ordinary a life as possible,” Roscoe said. “No parent would tolerate the suspicion of someone pursuing and harassing their child and carer whilst their child is playing in a public park or going about their daily activities.”

[From Today]

It was a strange story just at face value because it seemed like Will and Kate were complaining about photos being taken out in public, in a public park, which is just… well, unusual. Of course all royal babies (and all people) have privacy rights, but the whole thing just seemed… odd. Then it got even weirder. The photographer “harassing” George was named, and it’s Ikon Pictures’ photographer Niraj Tanna. Royal conspiracists have always noted the seemingly cozy relationship Tanna has with Kate and the Middleton family in particular, and it’s widely believed by those conspiracists that the Middletons have “set up” photo-ops with Tanna several times when he got weird exclusives. I guess the bloom is off the rose with that relationship though – over the past year, Tanna has been growing increasingly critical of William and Kate. And I guess they’ve noticed. Anyway, Tanna responded:

A photographer who has been accused of “harassing” Prince George by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has denied any wrongdoing will continue to take snaps of the 14-month old. Lawyers for Prince William and Kate Middleton accused two members of the press of intruding on the future king’s personal life as he went about his “ordinary daily” life with his nanny.

Lawyers for Tanna have insisted their client has not done anything wrong and the harassment accusations are “wholly without foundation”. In a seven page letter, Tanna’s lawyers said he was “fully entitled” to photograph Prince George in a public place and will “vigorously contest” any legal action.

It adds: “He will continue to undertake his work with the concerns of the Prince’s parents very much in mind.”

[From The International Business Times]

Interesting. While I don’t doubt that it would creep out any parent if a photographer had their long lens trained on their baby, it does feel like there’s something else at work here. We’ll see.

Oh, and The Mirror claims that IF Kate is feeling up to it, she and William are planning an official trip to New York. I think this would be Kate’s first-ever trip to New York. They’re loosely planning the trip for end of November/beginning of December. I hope they’re able to come. Skip Thanksgiving though and come in the beginning of December!


Mary celebrates anniversary of gay and lesbian marriages:

In 1989, Denmark was the first country in the world to introduce same-sex civil partnerships and on Wednesday, exactly 25 years after the first same-sex couple said yes to each other at Copenhagen town hall, Crown Princess Mary got together with representatives from the homosexual community in Denmark (LGBT) to celebrate the anniversary.

The milestone was marked at the place where it all began, Copenhagen city hall, with a temporary exhibition that with the help of wedding photos and props tells the moving story about registered partnerships between persons of the same sex — in Denmark known as ‘LGBT Denmark‘, the national association for gay men, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

The exhibition, carrying the appropriate name ‘Equal Love Silver Anniversary’ also shows the pioneering efforts of the LGBT people’s struggle for human rights.

Crown Princess Mary, dressed elegantly in a classic long-sleeved dress, was mightily entertained from start to finish in particular by the United States Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford, and his partner Stephen DeVincent. The Crown Princess also met with other homosexual couples as well as the well-known Sales Director of the Danish travel agency ‘Star Tour’, Stig Elling, while everyone had a great time listening to brass music and enjoying the town hall’s famous pancakes.  


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Anonymous said: I think the press really can make or break you. Harry is popular because the press does report on his charities and they print pictures of him being wonderful with children and really the bad things he has done aren't that bad (a lot of young people drink too much). If the press wanted, they could roast him and get the people to turn over night. They could ignore his charitable deeds, only post photos that make him look stuck up (just takes a blink at the right time).




Very true. Such a fine line isn’t it. 

They already ignore a lot of his charity work. The press constantly talks about the bad things he does and doesnt focus on the good. They have been for years trying to roast him, portrait him as someone that is a shame, a waste of space. If they reported his charity work in a fair way he would be even more popular and liked. Dont think the press is on his side, the thing is over the years with social media is becoming very hard for the press to say he is bad when people see on twitter things showing him how good he is. The press now doesnt have much control of what gets out there, they cant influence people opinions as much as they did before when all the public had was newspapers and tv to form their opinion and so the press can easly hide the good things harry does these because they can control the social media.


Social media, especially Twitter, has completely changed the ball game.

Anonymous said: I still have no idea why Harry would be "furious" over those two "separate" pictures of him getting into a car and her walking about. Does this make the Sun wrong?? I know that my friend told me that he read so many articles in his time reading the Sun newspaper and he said that they are just a joke. I mean that their stories like kids eating glass etc. are just weird stuff. Then he said that this story is fake. But don't know for sure though...


If he complained it could be for a variety of reasons. 

No reason has been given, not even confirmed he complained. 

But if the Sun posted those separate pics and claimed they were on a date. When in fact those pics were fake, they were not even together and those pics taken separately, possibly even on different days and location then Harry has every right to complain about those lies.

The media has no other work I see but trying to make up crap stories!!! God, real journalism has died!!!



Hilarious shit from Prince Harry whilst he was in Cyprus doing military exercises. Bonus: we find out the colour of HRH’s genitals too.

"God save you. Yeah that’s great, See you Bye."


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The Spanish Royal Family + Urban Dictionary Definitions (insp)

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"Studies that scan the brain in real time show that we manifest lust or in motivation/reward areas of our brains, while love lights up the parts of our brain, connected to caring and empathy."

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Anonymous said: People can rationalize it in their tiny minds all they want, but it's never ok to outright stalk a one year-old. It doesn't matter what his status is or how high of a profile there is on him. If you think a paparazzo that keeps tabs on a baby from what his schedule is to when he'll be out is "just doing his job", then you need to re-evaluate your priorities.


I would have to agree with you. A normal person spotting the future king and excitedly tweeting a pic is one thing. A grown man systematically tracking the movements of a child with long range lenses (meaning the nanny may not even know he’s there so can’t leave!) for the sake of personal profit is another thing entirely.